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February 15, 2008
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Project Cryptid V.1.5 by SynapticBoomstick Project Cryptid V.1.5 by SynapticBoomstick

Artist's Note: I get a lot of questions about adding the Mongolian Death Worm - it is already a part of the collection and has been for a long time now, right between the words in the title. I don't know if it's because people don't see, aren't looking, or just like to mess with me, so I'm putting up this note to assure any and all that the death worm is there. :nod:

Last Update: Monday, July 4th, 2011 (Minor text edit)

Behind the Scenes: a look at the process over the years: [link]

Added: New Altamaha-ha

Scheduled Alterations: Thunderbird, Jersey Devil, Almasti

Upcoming: Merfolk, Monkfish, St. Augustine Blob, Hoade's Monster, Ataka Carcass

Scheduled Next Submitted: Burrunjor, Nahuelito, El Petizo

Deviants who have contributed (that have been added so far!):
~TFhybrid (Mothman, Tatzel wurm)
~Margolo-Blu (Marozi),
~GreatSaiyaKirby (Hodag, Jackalope, Nandi Bear, Fur-bearing Trout, Flatwoods Monster)
~eternalsaturn (Cadborosaurus)
~fractalxavier91 (Relic Population sub-category)
~HungryCowrie (Alternate Yeti colors)

Attention: :
There's big change ahead for the project, whatever it may be.


The current layout for Project Cryptid :)! I'm always working to better the look and basic design of each creature so suggestions and constructive criticism are always a help. What you see now is composed of five different generations of art style; some have been left unaltered to serve as a visual history of the constant evolution of this project since its initial start.

Not everything here may be real, I won't argue the point of demon bats and such, but if it's mentioned in myth and lore or anecdotes and reports I'll probably draw it.

For more on cryptids and cryptozoology, check out some of these links:

American Monsters
Unexplained Mysteries
Mythical Creatures and the Unknown

The Project Cryptid Directory
Rare pigment mutation - so far unique to the Blue Tiger and Marozi- both felids, interestingly
Avians - Cryptids that are described as being capable of flight or are reported on the wing.
Chimera - the reported creature blends the features of many different species.
Confirmed - genuine physical proof has proven this creature to be flesh and blood.
Corpses - Unidentified corpses that, for whatever reason, were not properly examined or provided inconclusive information.
Fresh Water - Cryptids sighted witin or in proximity to bodies of fresh water such as a lake or river.
Hoaxes - Those cryptids that have been undeniabley proven to be fraudulant.
Homonids - Cryptids that are typically reported to be man-like, of immense size, and covered in hair.
Hybrid - creature is a blend of two distinct creatures.
Inverterbrates - Cryptids that fit the descriptors for unclassified inverterbrates.
Beyond Mythology - Creatures that are believed to be mythical yet have unusually consistent reports.
Outsiders - These cryptids do not fit into any one category- be they from other dimensions or outer space, these entities are enigmatic to the core.
The Oceans/Oceanic - Cryptids reported while at sea or from vantage points ashore.
Relic Population/RelicPop - Cryptids classed as extinct animals that some believe are not totally gone from the world.
Unknown Mammals - Unclassified mammals
Unknown Herptiles - Unclassified reptiles and amphibians.

Cryptids Cataloged
[updates always in progress, thank you :). Bold equals recent]

1) Ahool - [Avian] - Unconfirmed flying creature, Indonesia [reported as being "monkey-like"]
2) Almasti - [Homonid] - Russian wild man [aka Alma, Almas]
3) Altamaha-ha - [Fresh Water] - River creature, Georgia, US [aka Altie]
4) Beast of Bosnia - [Corpse] – unidentified corpse, Europe
5) Beast of Gevaudan - [Unknown Mammal] – Large canid, possibly a dire wolf or mutant
6) Bessie - [Freshwater/Outsider] - Unidentified Lake Eerie creature with unusual features
7) Bigfoot - [Homonid] - North American ape-man
8) Blue tiger - [Rare Pigment Mutation/Confirmed] - Asia [aka Maltese Tiger]
9) Bunyip - [Beyond Mythology/Chimera] - Monster from the Aboriginal Dreamtime, Australia
10) Buru - [Unknown Herptile] – unidentified Tibetan crocodilian, extinct according to natives
11) Cadborosaurus – [Fresh Water] [aka Caddy]
12) Cavney Island Monsters - [Corpse]
13) Chupacabra - [Outsider/Avian/Chimera]
14) Coelacanth - [Ocean/Confirmed]
15) Colossal Squid - [Ocean/Confirmed]
16) Con-Rit - [Unknown Invertebrate]
17) De Loy’s Ape - [Homonid]
18) Dohber-chu - [Fresh Water]
19) Dover Demon - [Outsider]
20) El Lobizon - [Unknown Mammal/Outsider]
21) Emela Ntouka - [Beyond Mythology]
22) Enfield Horror - [Outsider]
23) Flatwoods Monster - [Outsider]
24) Fouke Monster - [Homonid]
25) Fur-bearing Trout - [Hoax]
26) Giant Anaconda – [Unknown Herptile]
27) Giant Owl - [Avian]
28) Gigliolis’ Whale - [Ocean/Unknown Mammal]
29) Hibagon - [Homonid]
30) Hodag - [Hoax]
31) Hogzilla - [Unknown Mammal/Confirmed]
32) Jackalope - [Hoax/Mythology/Chimera]
33) Kasai Rex - [Hoax]
34) Khemr Stegosaur - [Hoax]
35) Kongamoto - [Avian]
36) Lizardmen - [Outsider]
37) Loch Ness Monster - [Fresh Water]
38) Loveland Frogmen - [Outsider/Fresh Water]
39) Lusca - [Ocean]
40) Mamlambo - [Fresh Water]
41) Mammoth - [RelicPop/Unknown Mammal]
42) Mapinguari - [Outsider/Unknown Mammal]
43) Marozi - [Unknown Mammal/Confirmed]
44) Megalania - [Unknown Herptile]
45) Michigan Dogman - [Outsider/Unknown Mammal]
46) Minhocao - [Unknown Invertebrate]
47) Mngwa - [Unknown Mammal]
48) Moa - [Avian]
49) Mokele-mbembe - [Beyond Mythology]
50) Morag - [Fresh Water]
51) Mothman - [Outsider/Avian]
52) Naga - [Fresh Water]
53) Nameless Horror of Berkley Square - [Outsider/Fresh Water/Unknown Invertebrate]
54) Nandi Bear - [Unknown Mammal]
55) New Jersey Devil - [Outsider/Chimera]
56) Ogopogo - [Fresh Water]
57) Popobawa - [Outsider/Avian/Hoax]
58) Quagga - [Unknown Mammal/Confirmed]
59) Rods - [Avian/Outsider]
60) Ropen - [Avian]
61) Shunka Warakin - [Unknown Mammal]
62) Tatzel Wurm - [Outsider]
63) Texas Chupacabra - [Unknown Mammal/Confirmed]
64) Thunderbird - [Avian, Beyond Mythology] – giant predatory bird, North America
65) Thylacine - [Confirmed, Relic Population, Unknown Mammal]
66) Trunko - [Corpse/Ocean]
67) Tsuchinoko - [Unknown Herptile]
68) Veo - [Unknown Mammal]
69) Vietnamese Night Fliers - [Outsider/Avian]
70) Wendigo - [Outsider]
71) Yeren - [Homonid]
72) Yeti - [Homonid]


Yes, if it shows up on Destination Truth or Monster Quest I will add it :D

Coming Soon (with increased size!):
-Information Blurbs on each covered cryptids, including cryptid type and location

Black Shuck
Ohio Grassman
British Big Cat
El Petizo
Jba Fofi

*The color scheme for Fouke Monster is giving me headaches.
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lucariark Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2014  Student General Artist
hey, the komodo dragon was a cryptid as well! until the whole confirmed thing
SynapticBoomstick Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Many animals got that treatment. Zoologists once thought that gorillas were just local myth and the first platypus specimen was called a hoax.
TheFangedSkull Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014
Greetings and bienvenue, Cryptids.
Soon, I, the incomparable V.V. Argost will find Kur and become "The Master of Cryptids." (chuckles)
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SynapticBoomstick Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
:lol: I have. I don't know where that show was when I was still a kid, the idea had "1980's" stamped all over it. I will forever want an invisible Komodo Dragon now.
TheFangedSkull Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2014
My profile is that of V.V. Argost (the main antagonist) in memory of him. The Secret Saturdays is one of those shows that follow one, big storyline rather than have a new story in each, different episode. This makes me like it much more I am a dummy! .
tm285 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014
SynapticBoomstick Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
That list mostly contains creatures from world mythology. Those aren't considered cryptids but it can be useful for research leads with Project Mythology. :)
Cryptdidical Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh wow man, I remember seeing this years and years ago when I had just started high school! I love this picture, still have it saved on my computer after all these years! Awesome stuff! :)
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