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Nature Nurtures All by SynapticBoomstick Nature Nurtures All :iconsynapticboomstick:SynapticBoomstick 2 5 Cryptid Analysis: The Biting Pear of Salamanca by SynapticBoomstick Cryptid Analysis: The Biting Pear of Salamanca :iconsynapticboomstick:SynapticBoomstick 7 0 Coloring Challenge - High Flying Fella by SynapticBoomstick Coloring Challenge - High Flying Fella :iconsynapticboomstick:SynapticBoomstick 3 0 Coloring Challenge 2 by SynapticBoomstick Coloring Challenge 2 :iconsynapticboomstick:SynapticBoomstick 2 3
Mine Nemesis, Thy Name is Frank
At three twenty-seven in the morning, a sharp crack jolted Frank out of his creative haze. Looking towards the window, he noted the absence of the one of the more impressive icicles from the fire escape. Reaching over, he raised the nearly empty coffee mug. "Salute."
Setting the mug down and turning back to the screen, he cupped his stubbled chin with the other hand and went back to his brainstorming routine of alternately tapping the plus and backspace keys, setting a rythme for his mind to sort its ideas out into.
Christopher approached the door to the master bedroom, a sense of dread anticipation for what he knew he would find beyond it tearing at the flimsy shred of hope that it was just his own mind toying with him.
"Too heavy on the word sauce," Frank said to himself, "pare it down."
Two steps forward, one step back. Being a writer was doing the cha-cha with yourself on a diet of coffee and pringles. Frank picked up the mug again and, draining it with
:iconsynapticboomstick:SynapticBoomstick 0 0
Welsh Dragon Jack-o-latern by SynapticBoomstick Welsh Dragon Jack-o-latern :iconsynapticboomstick:SynapticBoomstick 6 1 CryptoFormer - Wraith, retooled by SynapticBoomstick CryptoFormer - Wraith, retooled :iconsynapticboomstick:SynapticBoomstick 4 0 Cryptoformer - Equinox by SynapticBoomstick Cryptoformer - Equinox :iconsynapticboomstick:SynapticBoomstick 4 3 Little Nut by SynapticBoomstick Little Nut :iconsynapticboomstick:SynapticBoomstick 7 0 The Sun Comes to Rest by SynapticBoomstick The Sun Comes to Rest :iconsynapticboomstick:SynapticBoomstick 6 0 Peeking from the Peaks by SynapticBoomstick Peeking from the Peaks :iconsynapticboomstick:SynapticBoomstick 1 0 One last clover, fall is over by SynapticBoomstick One last clover, fall is over :iconsynapticboomstick:SynapticBoomstick 4 1
More than saxes wailed the night the Big Man was laid down, and now he dwells in the mystery beyond the darkness at the edge of town.
:iconsynapticboomstick:SynapticBoomstick 0 0
Crypt026B - Altamaha-ha by SynapticBoomstick Crypt026B - Altamaha-ha :iconsynapticboomstick:SynapticBoomstick 9 1 Shroomin' by SynapticBoomstick Shroomin' :iconsynapticboomstick:SynapticBoomstick 1 5 Creepy Crawlers by SynapticBoomstick Creepy Crawlers :iconsynapticboomstick:SynapticBoomstick 6 4
Here you will find little coherence as I make things when the idea strikes me, usually without regard for any specific style or category. Where does the transition occur? :o

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How to Stop Planning and Use What You've Got
Article cowritten by ShadowedAcolyte and neurotype.
We've chosen to present this in bullets. The first few are ways to tell when your planning has gone too far; the rest are how to get past that.
Featured literature was chosen for its ability to present exposition: good pacing, tantalizing hints, etc.
How do I know I've planned too much?
When you can't hold it all in your head.When you can't explain it without a long-winded summary."So you've planned X. How will you reveal X to the reader?" If you can't immediately think of a good idea, it's probably overplanned.
Volume: how much of your story is world-building/backstory?
Properly spaced, you could get up to 10% world into a story without ruining the book (e.g. for an epic fantasy or something else not set in a place readers will immediately recognize). The rest should be happening now.If the setting is much more familiar—like, Everytown, USA, it could easily be 1% backstory.
:iconneurotype:neurotype 236 136
Monsters, bugs, flowers, science fiction, horror, literature and more all represented here.

Random from Macabre, Surreal, Creepy and Morbid

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What is your reading material of choice? I tried for a 5/5 split and reasonable genre groupings. 

8 deviants said Fiction, Science Fiction/Fantasy
3 deviants said Fiction, Romance/Character
2 deviants said Non-fiction, History/World Events
1 deviant said Fiction, Action/Adventure
1 deviant said Non-fiction, Art/Entertainment
No deviants said Fiction, Realistic/Contemporary
No deviants said Fiction, Horror/Suspense
No deviants said Non-fiction, Biographical/autobiographical
No deviants said Non-fiction, Music/Film/Television
No deviants said Non-fiction, Science/Technology/Nature

Creative drive... returning

Tue Jun 6, 2017, 7:30 PM
  • Listening to: Thin Lizzy
  • Playing: 7 Days to Die
Step into my mind!

The last two dA events got me interested enough to make pieces for each of them but the currently running Pride Month event in particular is a milestone. For the first time in years, I got an idea in my head and stopped worrying about it being a perfect translation of the thought or what people would think of it before I'd even started. Instead, I grabbed the good paper I bought a long time ago and some colored pencils, got a soda, turned on some music, and sat down.

Then I sketched. I sketched and sketched, caring nothing for imperfections or overlapping lines, or whether that even looked like a circle or not, checking my various references until I had a collection of shapes and outlines that I was happy with. Then down went the outlines, away went the pencil, and then the colors and shades started to pour across the page as the voice of Phil Lynott sang out from my speakers to the wail of twin guitars.

I was in The Zone, a place I had been but couldn't remember how to get to, more ideas pouring into my mind. I was drawing like I had so many years ago, unafraid of what anybody might say or think; if I mess up, I fix it and continued. Now patterns and pixels and phantoms cavort in my mind and they can exist on the page just like that.

I've spent the last three years saying that I'd get myself going again. This time, I've actually done it. Don't stop now. Woooosh 

-pop goes the Boomstick

My new blog where I cover weird things!:eager: [link]

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Collaborative collections with other monster/cryptid artists!
The Cryptid Files Collaboration:…
The Cryptid Files Collab part 2:…
The Cryptid Files Collab part 3:…
The E.T. Files Collaboration:…

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I had this great idea but then I started to lose it so I looked into my own ear to try and spot it only I wasn't careful and slipped and fell in so now I'm stuck inside my own head.

Have you ever had that feeling where you space out for a moment and it feels like you're underwater, your inner ear swings, and things seem to be blurry? Except for those moments life is pretty much the same as before.

I have a pretty neat crocodile/alligator collection with pieces from around the world.
I enjoy B-Movies, cheese, and loud guitar.


If this vote on Tuesday goes to shit, I have to consume humanity. As Leviathan, I don't really have a choice in that and considering that I don't have a gallbladder anymore and roughly 1/3 of the population is obese, that's not going to go over too well. Lay off the internet and save my colon, FCC.


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